May 20, 2024
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Washington State Unclaimed Property

Discovering the Hidden Wealth of Washington

Have you ever wondered if you have hidden treasures waiting to be claimed in Washington State? Well, you might be surprised to know that there is a vast amount of unclaimed property just waiting to be reunited with its rightful owners. From forgotten bank accounts to uncashed checks and abandoned safe deposit boxes, the Washington State Department of Revenue holds onto these assets until they can be claimed by their owners.

What is Unclaimed Property?

Unclaimed property refers to any financial asset that has been abandoned or overlooked by its owner for a certain period of time. This can include bank accounts, insurance policies, stocks, bonds, and even the contents of safe deposit boxes. In Washington State, these assets are held by the Department of Revenue until they can be returned to their rightful owners.

How Does Property Become Unclaimed?

There are several reasons why property becomes unclaimed. It may be due to a change of address without providing a forwarding address, a deceased owner, or simply forgetting about an account or asset. Regardless of the reason, the property remains unclaimed until the owner comes forward to claim it.

How to Search for Unclaimed Property

If you suspect that you may have unclaimed property in Washington State, you can easily search for it through the Department of Revenue’s website. Simply enter your name or the name of a loved one into the search bar, and the database will provide you with a list of potential matches. It’s like searching for buried treasure without the need for a map!

Claiming Your Forgotten Fortune

If you find a match in the database, congratulations! You have just discovered a forgotten fortune. To claim your property, you will need to provide some documentation to prove your identity and ownership. This may include a valid ID, proof of address, and any other relevant documentation. Once your claim is verified, the Department of Revenue will work diligently to ensure that you receive what is rightfully yours.

The Importance of Checking for Unclaimed Property

Checking for unclaimed property is not only about finding lost wealth; it is also about protecting your assets. By regularly checking for unclaimed property, you can ensure that your financial accounts and assets are properly managed. It is a proactive step to prevent your hard-earned money from being forgotten or abandoned.

Helping Others Find Their Lost Treasures

Aside from benefiting yourself, checking for unclaimed property can also help others. You may discover unclaimed property belonging to a friend, family member, or even a charitable organization. By notifying them of their forgotten assets, you can make a significant impact on their lives and help them retrieve what is rightfully theirs.


Washington State unclaimed property is more than just a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. It is a reminder to stay vigilant in managing our finances and assets. So, take a few minutes to search for unclaimed property and see if you have any forgotten fortunes waiting to be claimed. Who knows? You might just strike gold!